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Dreamy Theater



- Speed limit is 5 MPH.

- Enter and Exit SLOWLY. Watch for playing children and people outside of their cars.

- Tune to 89.1 FM for the movie broadcast.

- Keep stereos at reasonable levels.

- Be quiet during the movies.

- Be respectful of the vehicles next to yours.

- Please place all trash in barrels.


- No outside food or drink, please.

- Each vehicle is allowed one space. Please park respectfully so that others may use their space.

- Large vehicles must park to the side or to the back.

- Please park idling vehicles even with the concession stand. If you park closer and idle your engine, you will be asked to move.

- No idling of diesel engines at ANY time.

- If you sit outside your vehicle, please sit in front or behind your vehicle. Do not take up two spaces.

- Hatchbacks must be at roof level to not obstruct others' view.

- No sitting on the roofs of vehicles.

- Wear shoes when not in your vehicle.

- ALL PETS must be on a leash, under control and picked up after. No presents, please.

- No burning and no barbecues.

- If you leave during the movie, turn on your lights. We'd rather have the inconvenience of lights being on than the danger of someone being hit.

- Do not exit the same way you came in. If you are facing the screen, the exit is to the right.

- No in and out. If you leave, you will have to buy another ticket to return.

- No glass containers are allowed on the premises.

Guidelines: Welcome
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