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Dreamy Theater

No Outside Food Or Drinks

Everyone’s Favorite Drive-In Cinema


• Movies broadcast on 89.1FM

• Exit and enter SLOWLY.  Watch for playing children and people sitting outside their cars.  If you leave during the movie TURN ON YOUR LIGHTS!  (The minor inconvenience of your lights is much better than the danger of hitting someone.)

• Do not exit the way you came in. If you are looking at the screen, the exit is to your right.


• Each vehicle is entitled to one space. Please park CLOSE enough to a post to allow for another vehicle.

• Respect vehicles next to yours.

• Wear shoes when not in vehicle.

• ALL pets leashed and in control. 

• Hatchbacks roof level.

• No sitting on top of your vehicle. It blocks the view of others.

• If you bring lawnchairs, sit directly in front of or behind your vehicle.  Don't take up two spaces.

• Large vehicles park to the sides and rear.

• No idling of Diesel Engines at ANY time.

• If you want to idle your vehicle please park at the rear, even with the concession stand.  If you park closer and idle your engine you will be asked to move.

 • No burning and no barbecues.  

• Quiet during movies. 

• Keep stereos at reasonable levels.

• Please, please, please place garbage in containers provided.

• No in and out.  If you leave you will have to buy another ticket to get back in.

No glass containers are allowed on the premises

Rules: Welcome
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